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Back to School = Back to Self Care for Moms

August 8, 2022

Written by: Alleia Papaik

"Mom, you are a Monster with your Snacks.”

That’s a direct quote from a text my sweet “baby girl” (she just turned 9!) sent me listing the top 5 reasons she loves me. (Fortunately, the other 4 were a lot more endearing!).

It made me laugh, but it also got me thinking. Every day, I get to support busy moms who explore CoolSculpting as a way to tackle their stubborn fat. As these moms of all ages share their body frustrations, we end up talking a lot about the role diet plays in our lives as moms.

It’s especially been on my mind lately as moms across Atlanta ramp up for back to school season and the start of new school year routines.

Remember when you brought your first baby home from the hospital? And then never slept again for the next 18 years?!

What I call The Mom Diet starts with those chaotic first months when you're still trying to figure out how to feed your baby while also nourishing yourself. Then your tiny human becomes a toddler, and the struggle evolves. Now, you find yourself surviving on chicken nuggets and mac and cheese left behind from their dinner or finishing up the remnants of a cheese stick and some cheerios from an abandoned snack cup.

Your hormones take a hit through these early years of Mom Life when the struggle for sleep is real,. Without consistent, quality sleep, your body struggles to produce the hormones that control appetite. When high fat, high carb foods are within an arm’s reach at all times, making good food choices is doubly hard.

.Just when you think you can catch a break as those kiddos get older and meals start to mirror mom and dad’s, your schedule gets thrown another curve ball. Now you’re rushing back and forth to ballet, football, piano lessons…the list of extracurriculars seems endless.

When you're back home and your babes are all down for the night, it's FINALLY your turn to relax – which is when the ”wine down” begins for a lot of us moms. These late day indulgences might help you to de-stress in the moment, but they lead to excess calories and further sleep disruption in the long run As a result, you might notice those pre-bedtime glasses of wine showing up around your midsection – or wherever your body tends to store fat.

When I build CoolSculpting treatment plans for busy moms, I start by letting them know that I 100% get their struggle. Being a mom means your focus is on everyone else before yourself. Finding time for your exercise and dietary success can be challenging, especially in the summer when kids are out of school and family vacations further derail your efforts to stay on track.

Fortunately, back to school has arrived! That means a fresh start for you as your kids begin a new school year. Once you get over the hump of getting your crew into their new school year routine, it’s a perfect opportunity to prioritize getting your body back to where you want it to be.

At Formed Body Sculpting Studio, I've noticed that CoolSculpting is the gentle push that so many of us moms need to boost our motivation to get in back shape and take care of ourselves. CoolSculpting specifically targets stubborn areas of fat on your body – which is usually around the midsection, bra fat and arms for most of the moms I work with.

I never get tired of hearing the same happy story when my mom clients come back for their second round of treatment! Once they begin to see the fabulous results from CoolSculpting (and the corresponding confidence boost that comes with it), the inspiration to improve their current diet and exercise routine dramatically increases.

Speaking from personal experience, that’s definitely what it did for me! CoolSculpting Elite, the procedure we offer at Formed, is the most advanced CoolSculpting technology available. It works faster and eliminates 18% more fat than the earlier generation CoolSculpting devices do. I was floored by the early results I saw from just my first CoolSculpting Elite abs treatment session earlier this summer. It was the encouragement I needed to get back on track at the gym and kick start my new school year fitness routine!

CoolSculpting works best when combined with consistent exercise (it can be whatever you enjoy / works for you!) and a nutrient-dense diet (again, there’s no silver bullet – what matters is what you know you can stick to). When you combine those factors, you'll find yourself with an increase in confidence, strength, motivation, and power that you didn't have before.

Let Formed CoolSculpting Elite be a part of the wellness journey that can reignite your body confidence. Book a consultation with us today so that we can get you back on track to being the healthiest, happiest version of yourself!

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