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After experiencing the life-altering confidence boost of her CoolSculpting body transformation, Cat Sanders spent the next six years telling anyone and everyone about how amazing CoolSculpting is.

She never got a penny from the makers of CoolSculpting for sharing her story; she just wanted others to experience the same benefits she had. Cat loved CoolSculpting so much that she spent $20,000 out of her own pocket fine tuning her body with the amazing efficacy of CoolSculpting to eliminate stubborn, exercise resistant fat for good.

She never regretted spending one of those dollars! But then she ran into a problem. Her trusted CoolSculpting expert retired, and she couldn’t find a dedicated CoolSculpting boutique that she trusted enough to refer people (much less use, herself). So she opened her own CoolSculpting Elite boutique. Cat doesn’t want others to run into the same challenges she did, so she’s making it much easier for her friends and clients to:

  • fund their own body transformations and
  • guide friends and loved ones to Atlanta’s only dedicated CoolSculpting treatment provider.
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How It Works

  1. Tell friends, colleagues, family members and other members of your tribe about your amazing body transformation experience at Formed CoolSculpting Elite studio!

  2. Share this link and ask them to mention your name in the comments.

Once your contact books a body area treatment of 4 or more cycles (their first one will be complimentary as part of our introduction offer), you will get 1 complimentary treatment cycle, too.

Each cycle is valued at $700 – so for every friend you refer, you’re making progress toward your own total body transformation!

Remember, friends don’t let friends get CoolSculpted just anywhere! 

When making this permanent change to your body, you, your friends and loved ones deserve a premium, expert experience provided by a CoolSculpting Elite specialist.

Get Atlanta’s Best CoolSculpting Experience at Formed!

If you want the absolute best CoolSculpting Atlanta has to offer, Formed is the place for you! Our friendly CoolSculpting specialists offer an incredibly personalized experience, with treatments that can help you get the body of your dreams. Schedule your initial consultation today to begin your FormForward journey at Formed!

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